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Thank you GOD for choosing me to carry out YOUR will with these shows. Because YOU are behind me every step of the way, there is only great things ahead of me!
I have requested that the lynching comment on this link be removed . I requested last week and for what ever dumb reason youtube put it back up again. It is a message of hate. Plus, it is racist, because of the history behind it. See attachments. THAT COMMENT ON YOUTUBE NEEDS TO BE PERMANENTLY REMOVED...NOT PLAYING!!! I also contacted the copyright infringement division with youtube demanding they make it happen! I need an email confirming that it has been taken care of I reported it on the site so the comment is not currently there that is why I did the snapshot. It needs to stay off!

​They keep putting the statement back an to me that is an indication that they are taking the matter lightly an are in support of violence!