USA (English)

​​​​52 (states)
x 50,000 (auditions per state)
x 20 (per popular genre)
x $35 (fee)
x 365 (year)
$​664,300,000,000  (BILLIONS / YEAR!!!)
52 states in the USA each producing 50,000 auditions for 20 of the most popular genres each. This comes out to a total of 52,000,000 auditions a day from the USA. The audition fee is 35.00 for each audition!

$​​1,820,000,000 a day from USA (OVER A BILLION A DAY). Since it is online auditions and internet never sleeps multiply that by 365 for the year.
List of genres (over 1200)

From this entire list, for argument sake, lets say 20 are popular​​​ genres
                     Overseas (English)

Since Overseas is at least 2.5 times larger than the USA you can double that USA bottom line! You can even almost triple it!​​​

                   @ 2.5 figure comes out to

$1,660,750,000,000 per year USA & Overseas TRILLION PER YEAR!!!
NOTE: 50,000 auditions (including writer's auditions) per state per genre per day is a LOW! That number is definitely reachable. So, ALL OF THE OTHER NUMBERS ARE REACHABLE....AND IT IS PER YEAR!!! This is the English version; there is still other languages that can bring in the same amount of revenue!!!

​​​*** This is not just a talent search TV show. The shows are an outlet for indie artists to be seen, heard and make lucrative amount of money in the process. This is a COMPLETE music industry for indie artists that has the lifespan of ANY major record label or publishing company!***

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