So you have the voice, but do not know how to write songs, no problem. Our library of original music is available for you to license and perform.

​​Just submit a song that shows off your talent.  If selected, you can choose from our music library the songs you would like to perform in your genre on the show. The fee to license each song is $100.00 and it will  be on a first come first serve bases.  This fee is split between the writer and the music publisher.

The writer and you will have to split your proportion 50/50 in regards to mp3 sells. The same split will be for ticket sells if you are the final 5 standing to go on the worldwide tour.

​​The writers will still own the song and collect royalties as the writer from ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.

***All songs that are in the music library is hand picked by the creator of the shows and has hit potential! ***

Note: Please be prepared to sign an agreement stating the percentages for mp3 and ticket sells as follows:

Publisher 50%
Writer 25%
Indie Artist 25%

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