Per the sample from "Audition" there are 52,000,000 auditions that come in a day from the USA (English). Mere example: 10% makes the 1st cut. 90% gets an "Unfortunate Letter". I want to make this a learning experience for the indie artists so that they can learn how to better their craft rather than just send them on their way with a letter that says, "Unfortunately, you did not make the cut". I want to give them an opportunity to have their songs critique by professionals in the business who can guide them on how to better their craft! The indie artists can then implement the professionals suggestions and be a better performer. So, in that "Unfortunate Letter," there is a link of another company/website completely separate from this one since "NO MAJORS ALLOWED" with this company only indie artists. The other company has major musicians, songwriters, A&R and producers lined up ready to critique indie artists' songs. Note: Again, this is a mere example. adjustments can be made as long as it for the most part keeps the function of the idea.

Professional Critique (example only...English)

 52,000,000​​​​​​​ (auditions / day)
-10% (made the cut)
46,800,000 (auditions that didn't make the cut)                                               *Overseas that number will double or triple​
1/2 (would like to get their song critiqued)​

23,400,000 (people would like to get their songs critique by a professional)                  Overseas (English) @ 2.5
x $25.00 (fee for critique)                                                                                                     

_________                                                                                                                          x   2.5
$585,000,000 ​​​​​(per day)                                                                                                        ______________
x 365​ (year)                                                                                                                         $533,812,500,000 per year
_____________                                                                                                                                           USA & Overseas
$213,525,000,000  (BILLIONS / YEAR!!!)                                                                                                      

**** You have a separate company lined up with Major Artists, Songwriters, A&R and Producers and each song they critique, they receive 12.50 and the owner/partners keep​​​ the other 12.50 for giving them the referral! 

​​​*** This is not just a talent search TV show. The shows are an outlet for indie artists to be seen, heard and make lucrative amount of money in the process. This is a COMPLETE music industry for indie artists that has the lifespan of ANY major record label or publishing company!***

                                                      CONTACT THE CREATOR; YOU HAVE THE #​​​

Owner/Partner & Majors Critiquing 

$533,812,500,000 BILLION (YEAR)​​

Each side split that 50/50​​